Bohemian Dreaming...and How I'd Love to Live Today.

 This room from Architectural Digest has Bohemian Paradise all over it.  Sigh.
The artwork is bananas!  The fabric on the couch is lovely; think I'll try it on my sofa tonight.  A mirror on top of a mirror; why not?  Although the room is filled with different colors and textures that you wouldn't think naturally go together; just look how well it works.  Don't be afraid to add anything you love into your environment.  If you love probably means it will play well with the things you already own.

This monochromatic room is so calming.  Although, filled to the brim with large just gives off a relaxed vibe.  Don't be afraid to go big in your small space.  Use items that are reflective, like glass, shiny ceramics or metals.  They will all bounce light around and make your space fill bigger.
I want the Ethiopian Cross!

Where do I begin?  A blue velvet sectional?  I want!  The glass table; must have.  The Moroccan pattern rug?  Yes, please.

This is the other side of the first room. Sigh.  Brilliant.


  1. Gotta love the inspiration that makes you tick. Glad to know you're still blogging away; let's try to catch up soon!

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