I Forgot to Mention...

...that I picked up something else on my latest thrift adventure...
Champagne Glasses
I have been on the hunt for a few months now in anticipation of my birthday.  I wanted something vintage, 1950's...old hollywood style glasses, affectionally known as "coupe glasses." ...and I finally found them...sigh.  

Check out my new favorite thing... 
 Beautiful engraved crystal, I love, love, love the detailing...especially the little knot at the base of the glass.
$1.00 each.  
No words.
Just take your time and admire...aren't they gorgeous?
I have told Mini they are to be used at her wedding, her kids wedding, their kids wedding...and so on and so on...lol.  They are that beautiful.
Now, if you are interested in purchasing something similar and you are not of the thrift store type...smh...you can go here and purchase a pair of Waterford Crystal Champagne Coupes for just $78.00...

As for me...I will be taking the $74.00 I saved to New Orleans for more treasure hunting. 


  1. Oh Lordy!!!! I love those. So chic. I can see some bright red painted nails while holding one with some refreshing prosecco inside :) Great buy!

    1. Thanks lady...I will be toasting with them very soon...

  2. They are awesome!!! Everytime I go in a thrift store I think of all the treasures you find. If only I had somewhere to put all the things I want to purchase. LOL

    1. Hi Dawnya, ahhhh, that makes me happy...thanks for sharing.

  3. last week my partner and i got several glasses--including two very nice wine glasses--for a total of about $3.50 during the 50% off sale at a local thrift store. i thought about you! :) those are lovely.


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