How I'd Like to Live Today...

The symmetry of this image is so soothing...I heart everything about it...especially the baby clothes hanging in a memory box...would make a great holiday gift...

I love this photo and this blogger...but, I can't find the link or name of her blog...UGH!  If anyone knows please leave me a comment so I can link to her blog...

sigh.  the drapes. the window. the small mirrors. tiny room love.

I love the furniture arrangement...must tweak my living room...and I purchased two rolls of grass cloth wall paper at the thrift store...where to put it...?

Leather easy DIY

...a home full of art makes me happy...I could, I would live in an art gallery.

sigh...If I lived alone, my living room would look like this...really.

I need to start making bags again...remember those?

I'm in search of pole lights...just saying.

 ...this photo makes me smile...he looks like my nephew and I just purchased a very similar coffee table...the buddha...sigh...the windows...yes.  I'll take it all.


  1. Her name is Yagazie Emiezi.

    1. Yes...thank you. I knew one of you lovely ladies would know...

  2. Thank you so much for posting such great style. I was searching some style photos to put together a new outfit and one look was from your blog. What a treat it was to find it and surf through all the "how i'd like to live today..." photos. The rooms you post hit so many style points I love as a design enthusiast. I hope to find some time to visit again soon. Just had to say thank you.

    Linda T. from Fort Collins, CO


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