How I'd Like to Live...Thanksgiving Edition

A lot of us spend Thanksgiving doing things we don't really want to do with people we don't really want to be with...Well, I thought it would be fun to do a post on how I would love to spend Thanksgiving...and put it out into the Universe so there would be no question on what to deliver in the future...

This is MY dream Thanksgiving Day...

I'd rock something like and white and patterns on pattern...simple, but festive.

Sigh...This is where we'd all hang out before dinner...

I'd help the kiddies make simple Thanksgiving crafts while waiting on dinner...How cute are simple.

Mini and I would pose for glamour

One drink would be served all night and this would be it.

This music would play all day...sigh.

Yum...salad would be served like this...simple yet chic.

It would be an intimate gathering, no more than 8 people...

The food would be simple but good...I'm not a fan of over doing it on Thanksgiving...I know a lot of people think, if you can't do it on Thanksgiving, when can you?  I'm not in that camp...I hate wasting food and I'm not a lover of leftovers.

Dessert would be a simple red velvet cake.

My boyfriend would be this cute...just a little older.

After dinner, we would all pile into the Range Rover and head into Manhattan.

...where we would walk around enjoying all the lights and windows...

...and head back home to this...sigh.

And that would be my perfect Thanksgiving...
Enjoy your holiday and remember, be thankful.

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

How to maintain your sanity, Thanksgiving

How to maintain your sanity as you sit through yet another holiday dinner.

First, count your made it to another holiday dinner...somebody didn't.
Second, find something to be grateful for...even if it's just this
Third, make someone smile today...try the 2 year old at the table...they'll laugh at anything.
Fourth, think about this video.  We all have drama in our lives...forget that...this is real.
Fifth, do better tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving...and for the rest of my life I will always be thankful for the anonymous person who donated their bone marrow and cured my daughter of Sickle Cell Disease.  Thank you. There are a lot of things that I want...but, I don't NEED...anything else.

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

A Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Dish...

What would Thanksgiving be without the traditional candied yams.  This is a quick and easy least she makes it look easy.

This lady can cook...and she has tons of videos on YOUTUBE.  Check out her channel (over 250 videos) and get your chef on.

Man-Day Monday...

Nice smile and cool style.

Live the life you dream about, i dare you.

How I'd Like to Live Today

I did not forget about the giveaway...I will choose the winner this afternoon. already know why I chose this pic...the doors and view are amazing.  I love the green tones...the simple white bedding...lovely.

 I'm off to my volunteer assignment today and this look will work.   Leather skinnies, chunky button down, cross body bag.  Finally cold in NYC.

How cool is this glass rack?  Simple DIY.

Sigh.  I am in desperate need of a vacation and a cool outfit. 

Sigh.   Do you see the red chandelier?  How can you miss it.  I purchased a red hanger from Target last year...I'm gonna try it in my kitchen...The mirror is too dreamy.  I always wanted a sink that looks out into a window...this would work too...and check out the light fixtures that flank the mirror...I'm just saying, "perfect."

A bathroom dressed up to look like anything but a bathroom...I love the lamp, the rug and the initial in the shower.   Who says a bathroom needed to look like a bathroom?

This gallery wall is cool.  I'm thinking about changing up the photos on mine.

I love this imagine...Christmas cards?  Not sure if I'm doing them this year...sigh.

No headboard, no problem...find your favorite dress...display it from a stick and hang it over your bed...add a couple of ribbons or trim and viola.

Night walk on the beach...sigh.

I need to go out and wear a dress like this this holiday season.  For the first time in years I'm missing the big office Christmas Party...sigh.  They were the best!  Not that this is an office party

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

Get Inspired.

My heart started beating so fast as I watched this movie.

I love the idea of creating a new industry...a new fashion history to create the future...that's what I'm all about.  "DJ's digging through crates of records is just like the thrifter digging through racks of clothing."  We are both looking for just the right mix.

Just watch this and be inspired.

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

This Just In...

This just in...I've been working hard again, just uploaded the following to my Etsy shop...Just in time for all those holiday gatherings...

Check it out

Pyrex Carafe Coffee Server

Mexican Woven Basket

Italian salt & pepper grinder

Candle Stick Holder

Chevron Baby Blanket

Live the life you dream about...I dare you.

A Beautiful Blog and Blogger...

Thank you Cut2Clothe for sending me the name of this blogger, Yagazie Emezi.
Her tumblr page is a treat for your eyeballs.  ...and her commentary, "poverty stops me from being truly obnoxious ." stops me too...Enjoy.

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

Sent to me from someone who gets me...

Sigh!  I hope you all have someone in your life who can always set your spirit straight!  

I mean, this morning I was really having a pity  Thank you M for setting me straight.  I've come too far alone to ever worry about my journey..."where I am is not where I've been" "many dreams have come and you will find your way home...hold on to YOUR world."  I have soooo much to be thankful for as we go into this holiday season...Just because I'm thankful doesn't mean everyone around me is thankful...Why do we women always want to drag along the undeserving?     I've been doing everything and I will continue to do EVERYTHING for me and my daughter...the rewards will come to those who put in the work...I should be focused on the being the bad ass boss that I am...F#&* those losers! 
I have very few friends...but, the ones I call friends are awesome!  I give thanks to them all this Thanksgiving...Thanks again for setting me straight and keeping me grounded and focused on the bigger picture and not the little di(*.  

And I love this's perfect...I'll play it every time I wanna throw a pity party.

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

Feeling some kinda way today...and Jill Scott is killin me softly with this song...I just wanna be loved.

I swear...I try guys...Love, sigh...No matter what you do it's not enough...WTF! 
 I really need to accept the fact that I'm a rare bird...and it's hard to find someone who appreciates makes most people feel average...and the average don't appreciate the rare...sigh.  Story of my life.  UGH!

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

How I'd Like to Live Today...

The symmetry of this image is so soothing...I heart everything about it...especially the baby clothes hanging in a memory box...would make a great holiday gift...

I love this photo and this blogger...but, I can't find the link or name of her blog...UGH!  If anyone knows please leave me a comment so I can link to her blog...

sigh.  the drapes. the window. the small mirrors. tiny room love.

I love the furniture arrangement...must tweak my living room...and I purchased two rolls of grass cloth wall paper at the thrift store...where to put it...?

Leather easy DIY

...a home full of art makes me happy...I could, I would live in an art gallery.

sigh...If I lived alone, my living room would look like this...really.

I need to start making bags again...remember those?

I'm in search of pole lights...just saying.

 ...this photo makes me smile...he looks like my nephew and I just purchased a very similar coffee table...the buddha...sigh...the windows...yes.  I'll take it all.

This Just In...

I have been working hard photographing and updating my Etsy shop.

I come across a lot of junk and a lot of treasures when I'm out sourcing items for the store.
I only post what I think are the most unique and beautiful pieces I come across...I never sell anything that I would not have in my own home...and I'd love to keep it all...but, I can't...It's just a two bedroom in NYC help me out...and check out my recently added treasures.

I'm going to do a giveaway.
If you help me spread the word about my Etsy shop by pining, tweeting, facebooking, blogging or instagraming this post...and leave me a comment letting me know...

I will choose something from my Etsy shop to giveaway.

The winner will be chosen next Friday, November 22, 2013.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 embroidered ethnic tunic

Live the life you dream about...I dare you.

You are now free to Pin till your hearts content...

I am cleaning up my included.  I don't know what it is about fall...but, I always get the strong urge to apartment, my social life, my love life, my family life, my clothes...and this blog is no different...As you can see, I have cleaned it up...and in doing so, I've added a pin it button to my images...just click on any image to add it to your pinterest boards...your welcome.

Live the life you dream about, I dare you.

Hello...Are you there?

Hey guys, no excuses for my absence...just life.  I want to do a quick post/review of a new cosmetic line that I was asked to review.

It's called SUGAR...
With a name like SUGAR, Mini loved the product before seeing

Mini is a budding Make-up artist...she could watch make-up DIY's on YouTube all day.

...So, we were excited to try the products...which are lovely. 

We really liked the duo lipstick/gloss...the duo mascara is the bomb!  

 Mini really liked everything we got to test except the creamy eyeshadow sticks...they were too creamy and creased and smudged easily.

 Mini loved the is cute...

I'd put this make-up on par with the ELF make-up line.  
If you have a young lady aged 12-17 or your young at heart...give these products a try.  Price points are reasonable...have a look at their's full of DIY, make-up and fashion posts...

Live the life you dream of...I dare you.
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