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...thought I'd do a post on what I'll be up to tonight.  I don't know if you all have heard...but, Project Runway All Stars begins tonight on the Lifetime Channel...at 9 pm...

Now listen...I'm over Project Runway...It really hasn't been the same for me since it left Bravo...not sure why...but, the challenges just became too cartoonish....I went to design school for years...High School and College and there is really nothing creative or admirable about making an outfit out of things you find in a hardware store...really.

But I am excited about the All Star show beginning tonight because two of my all time favorite contestants are coming back...Michael and Koto...both were robbed when neither of them won in their first seasons on Project Runway...I hope they get the chance to redeem themselves...Whatever happens I'll be tuned in tonight...looking to be inspired...and what the hell, I may even sew something myself...I mean my old machine is back in service...stay tuned.
Korto Momolu - Season 5 - Now on Project Runway All Stars


Michael  Knight - Season 3 - Now on Project Runway All Star

I'm making my goto oatmeal raisin cookies...I make these all the time...and I'm going to need some munchies while watching t.v. tonight...they are the best ever and I found the recipe on the Smitten Kitchen blog...if you don't know about that cooking blog...you really should.

I'll also be sipping on some Andre' Champagne...Champagne is my go to drink...it's kinda hard to order at a bar without getting the side eye from the bartender...so I usually order tequila...my second go to drink...anywho...So lately, I've been drinking Andre'...they changed the cap and it now twists off...What?  Yes...so I don't have to drink the entire bottle in one sitting...lol.  I can twist the top closed and drink another day...and you can't beat the price, around $5.00...for bubbles and a nice buzz...no hangover...no brainer...and I just feel like drinking like a lady...if you know what I mean...lol.

While making cookies...and clearing out closets...once again...I'll be watching Fly Nest's YouTube channel...this lady is the bomb!  ...and for some reason, I'm all about fashion right now...and I love thrift haul videos and hers are dope.
Check her website Fly's Nest - Vintage Shopper

Please follow her channel on YOUTUBE...her videos are great!  Watching her is like hanging with your super cool, super nice, super funny, like minded best friend...with the taste and appreciation level that only a true vintage loving fashionista could appreciate.

Fashion disclaimer...her videos are not about thrifting Calvin Klein or Gap Jeans...not that there is anything wrong with thrifting those items...I do it all the time...but, I live for thrifting true treasures...anything beaded, sequence...leather...sigh...and this lady does just that...she has a great eye...and she sells most of the items in her online store...sigh.  Let me know what you think.

Live the life you dream about...I dare you.


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  2. WOW this really made my day! I so appreciate you watching! awesome blog, I'm now following you on my bloglovin feed :-) Appreciate ya!

  3. Sounds like a nice creative and inspiring day, enjoy!

  4. I follow you and Fly Won- both inspiring ladies!

  5. Funny, I stopped watching PR a long time ago myself..but if Michael and Korto are on PRAS, I will watch again. Kara Saun never came back at all and I loved her as well!

    GIrl, I feel you on the champagne, but I have to admit, I forgot about Andre! I usually go for my Moscato and I found a Mango Moscato and I can't stop now! (That's my Scandal night drink).

    I love Smitten Kitchen and I've seen these cookies. Thanks for the review, I will check it out.


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Live the life you dream about...I dare you.

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