How I'd Like to Live Today...

Hey there, today's post is all about how I'd like to live today...

...for starters, It's time to let my natural hair breath...take down this weave and go back to doing twist outs...fall is the perfect twist out shrinkage.  
...and if I didn't flop around in flip flops all year...I would love to strut around in similar red heels...

 ...sigh.  What's not to love...If I could, I would so splurge and replace my terrace slider doors with something like, high gloss, french doors.

I need this mirror in my bedroom...Maybe I'll get this one from IKEA for Christmas.
I love the faux fireplace...I'm still not sure what to do with my fireplace mantel...sigh.

Love, love, love....I can see my terrace ceiling draped in weather proof fabric...

Seriously?  Yes!  Sigh. Headboard.

Guess who went to the thrift store yesterday?  Just wanted to drop off some stuff...yeah right.  Found a coat similar to the one pictured here (same shape and fabric, different color)...$6.00.

 I also picked up two amazing mid century modern stools...Yes...A come up...I can't tell you what I paid...but, you can see what their worth...just click here.
I'll sell them on ETSY if you are interested in purchasing...

Stick around for photos and a post...or maybe a video...I've only made one video this whole year...I need to do more...sigh.  I'm not the best editor...maybe I'll post a gig on craiglist for a video editor...any ideas or video editors out there?

Stay with me as I get it together...


  1. I love the fact that you look at a picture and dream about your own life the same way I do! Love, love, LOVE your blog!

  2. Hi Shayla,

    Nice to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment...I have been visualizing my life through images since I was a little girl. I would cut out pics from magazines and newspapers that I liked and post them in books...way before I knew anything about a vision board. Now, I do it with more intention...I love meeting like minded people...I hope you stick around....good day.

  3. Holy cow @ that coat!!! I have been searching for the perfect jacket/coat for weeks for a couple weeks and not much of note has shown up.

    1. Hi Lesley...yes, the thrift gods were smiling on me yesterday...Smile.

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