Design Inspiration is Everywhere

Hi there...sigh.  

I'm coming up for air.  

My chaos is coming together...and I thought I should look for  a little inspiration before having a "design breakdown".

...My bedroom, unfortunately is like an old relationship where you're constantly asking, "where is this going?"  The answer is usually, nowhere...unless you have a vision and a little inspiration...a light at the end of the tunnel if you will...

Okay, let's go towards the light...the design light that is...

I love everything about this room...I already own the Ikea light above the bed, check.  I also own a couple of sheep skins, check.  I could paint my dresser a funky color...not going to...but, I could.  I could also place it in front of the window like this...and I love, love, love the black and white rug...

...I could do something like this with all the round wicker baskets I've accumulated...and lord knows I have enough textiles to make a similar pillow display on my bed...Hum?

This room is more modern...but, I love the color combinations, blue, orange, red, white, black.

I pulled this image because I like the way the art is arranged.  I'm looking for a way to display all the art I've collected...instead of storing it under my bed...

Sigh.  Red...and blue.  What's not to love...and I think I thrifted a very similar blanket...I love the way the art is for a Queen...very royal.

Oh well, I still have lots more to do...better get to it...stay tuned.


  1. Love your bedroom inspiration its so eclectic and sophisticated. I lol when you compared your bedroom to a old relationship! lol :) too funny and so can relate! My bedroom is on this hold phase, when I need to cave and buy the fabric I've been craving all the bones are there...just like your space the bones are there

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Yes...sadly, my bedroom is like a "wack" Sigh...I'm trying to hang in there and change The inspiration images are guides...I really would like for my bedroom to be a little calmer and more glamorous...stay tuned.

  2. Your designs are amazing. I should take an inspiration and will renovate my bedroom fast
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