How I'd Like to Live Today...

For some reason I'm attracted to the color orange...again.

Mini is looking for a denim shirt...

 I had to take a pic of my dream car to put in my dream post...

 ...and while I'm dreaming...why not dream about a grown and sexy night with this never know...It could happen.

...chillin' on the terrace this weekend. Etsy store is it.
I'll be adding new stuff to the Etsy site this weekend...the last full weekend in August.  Where did the summer go?


  1. That room is so beautiful and bright. Perfect for some girl talk. Happy Friday.

    Idris is so much grown and sexy that it should be his monikor.

    I want that blanket!

  2. I love the turquoise pot. Idris makes me swoon!

  3. I love orange, too. (And avocado green but that's most likely a bad thing.) lol

    Solange!! Style star!

    I love denim shirts. I thrifted three of them but just broke down and bought one similar to the photo for $24.99 at Target. It's oversized but in a feminine way. It's been 90+ degrees every day since I got it and I can't wait to break it in! :)

    Idris is pure perfection. I had a pic of him on my fridge for years. (Totally contributed to my overeating.)

    Yay for busy Etsy shops!!!

    1. ah yeah...avocado green? No so much. My bedroom was that color growing up...and come to think of it...the paint color never changed...17 years of avocado green...probably the reason why my walls change colors at least once a year...hum? her...such an inspiration for my Mini. Funny...I almost broke down and bought a $24.00 denim shirt at Target yesterday...but, I'm still holding out for the thrift store find... dream date...He seems really witty and full of facts...but, that could be the accent.

      and as for Etsy...Just sold two items today...! Woot, woot.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving so many comments...that made my day.


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