I am FINALLY hosting a fundraiser/drive benefiting Sickle Cell Disease.

 Followers of my blog already know that this is a disease that my 17 year old daughter was born with and has suffered from all her life.  I won't go into all the details of her journey.  If your interested, please read all about it on her blog.

There have been so many agencies and organizations that have given unselfishly to our family as my daughter battled this horrible disease.  

As a family we have always discussed how we could give back.  What could we do to make life easier for families affected by Sickle Cell Disease?  Of course, we have grand ideas of an International Foundation breaking down financial barriers to treatment as well as helping families live a well lifestyle...and that is our goal...But, having grand goals can sometimes paralyze you from doing anything...

One Sunday, while watching Oprah something she said really spoke to me.  She said, "if you want to help someone, just start where you are.  It doesn't have to be grand, just start."

Hum, yeah...why not?  We can do something, it doesn't have to be grand...We just need to start.  So we brainstormed and Mini came up with the idea of donating school supplies to kids...(it doesn't hurt that Mini is obsessed with school supplies)...and I love to entertain and cook...

So, that's what we are going to do, combine our passions to help others...and we hope you guys will join us.

If you don't live in the NYC area you can still get involved by donating a backpack or school supplies for kids in K-College.  If you feel so moved...and I hope you do...Just email me... and I will send you my address and you can mail your donation us.
(p.s. you get discounted pricing when shipping books through the mail...ask about it at your local post office)

This could be the start of something good.

Please join us.


  1. Great Idea! I have the trait for SC.
    Good Luck!

    1. Hi, it's great that you know of the ideas that we have is to go into High School and bring awareness about getting tested to see if you carry the trait...the disease is preventable...if you know your status...and so many of us carry the gene for Sickle Cell and have no idea...Knowledge is power.

  2. True, true! I'm definitely down if I'm in town. This sounds awesome! And I've always loved schools supplies, theres nothing like a clean spiral bound note book, or a fresh box of crayons. lol!

    1. Oh, it would be great to meet you...

  3. I think I mentioned I have the trait as well. I remember when they were finding out more about it in the 70's, I had to go twice a year to the hemotology clinic for tests and checkups. Ugh, it was so terrible and frightening.

    How ironic is it that I have been cleaning (I had anticipated moving this summer, which has now been put on hold) and I have tons of folders, paper, pens etc. I'll send you an email and let me know where I can send this stuff to you! Happy to help!

    Isn't Oprah just the best when helping you to spark an idea? :)

    1. Hey Moni, me so I can send you my address and we can get those supplies for the kids.

      What happened to your move?

  4. wonderful! i like how y'all combined your interests to come up with the idea. and it's so true: start where you are.

    great promo flyer.

    i think i may have a little obsession with school supplies as well, although i've been out of school many years. i still get excited when i see shelves stocked with them in stores around this time of year.

    and since i have no children to get any for, this'll be my chance to buy some, ha! :)

    1. Hi Fly Tie...

      Just email me... so I can send you my address and get those school supplies for the kiddies..



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