This is why I thrift

I recently thrifted this beautiful, red, tribal print, VALENTINO scarf from my local Salvation Army Thrift Store...for just $3.00
this is why I thrift...could I, would I ever walk into the Valentino store on 5th Ave. in NYC and pluck down my hard to come by dough on a Valentino scarf...?  Ummm, probably not...

but somehow the universe knows that I really would love to own one...and now I do...and I love it.

...this thing is huge and practically new...not sure what season it's from...or how vintage it really is...don't really care...

It's so me...I just want to thank whoever took the time to drop it off instead of just throwing it out...

 I couldn't stop taking pics of really inspired was screaming..."take my pic, take my pic..."

and I can do that cute turban thing when my hairs a

Check out this video to learn how to tie a turban...

Have a great weekend...and thanks for stopping by...

p.s.  I finished the drop crotch jeans DIY...I'll try to get someone to take a couple of pics of me wearing them this next week.


  1. that. is. fabulous! what a find!!! scarves are among my favourite things to thrift - always such good deals!

  2. Yes!!! That scarf is everything!


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