How I'd Like to Live Today...sigh.

there are no words for how I feel about this room...especially that credenza!  Sigh.  I must have one...I'm sure I can find something at the thrift store that can be DIY'd in such a way...but, how would I get it to hang from the walls barely hold a picture frame.  Sigh.

I'd love to have a day to just wander around an old book store...alone.

I'm still in love with this room make-over by HGTV and Emily Hendersen...check out her blog for more inspirational make-overs and videos!

...just look the these kitchen cabinets...sigh...and counter

I'll just park this outfit inspiration pic here...seeing that I have everything needed to recreate this look in my closet...perfect.

...So, I took my hair out...and I'm in need of a good warm weather, frizz proof style...this faux braided headband is perfect...Just braid a couple of strands of extension it on both ends with rubber bands and wrap around your head...using hair pins to secure it to your head...I'll post a DIY video later today from one of my favorite fashion bloggers...stay tuned. I'd love to work on the day bed for my terrace...this one is just perfect.  Love.


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