My Muse and the best $6.99 find ever

So, Mini's school is doing a performance of "GREASE".  

One of my favorite movies of all time.

...and yes, I had pictures of John Travolta on my wall as a kid..."don't judge".

Mini has a small part in the play...mostly singing and dancing...but, she needed a 50's style dress for one of the scenes.
If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I thought I found the perfect dress at the thrift store today...Not!  The dress was perfect, but it didn't have a price tag so they wouldn't sell it to me...WTF!?!?


So...I stopped by my other secret spot as I walked to the car fuming...

and what did I find...but the perfect dress and for just $6.99.

The moral of this story...don't get mad when you don't get something you think you really want...cause, something better is waiting just around the corner...

I couldn't help but take tons of photos of Mini in the, because I need to practice my photography skills and two, the dress had to be calf length...remember we are going for a 1950's look.

 cut, cut, cut...

 I'll hem it tomorrow...

I'll use the extra fabric to make bows for all the girls in the cast to wear in their hair...crafty mom...


  1. She is such a pretty young lady! Great deal on the beautiful dress! I know you will "hook it UP"!

  2. Yep! That's happened to me multiple times. I've gotten lucky a few times but the last time I wanted an un-priced leather anorak jacket I think they got annoyed and priced it for $35 just because I asked. Moral of the story is right.
    I'm so excited to see how this dress turns out. It's perfect for Grease too!


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