An Impromptu Photo Shoot

...Mini and I did an impromptu photo shoot yesterday...

I've been watching YOUTUBE videos on photography and lighting and wanted to try out what I've learned.

...So, as soon as she came home from school...I grabbed the camera...before I lost the light...

Oh, I sound all professional

I just may be a photographer yet.

Mini's hair has been natural since growing back after her bone marrow transplant...2 years ago.
Mini went to bed after and slept all night...she still gets tired...but, she's a fighter.

To achieve this look...I coated her hair with grape seed oil and ECO styling gel...and twisted...I finished it off by placing a sponge roller around the ends of the twist...leave it in over night...take it out in the morning and viola...curly temple.

If you want to see how the pros do it...go to YOUTUBE and search "twist out".

16 going on fabulous...


  1. You go Mini, love the look and style... Love you little cuz.

  2. Mini is SO pretty, and her hair looks really good.
    My twist outs haven't worked in a while...back to youtube I go.
    You did a great job taking these photos! 3 4 and 5 are my faves

    1. Thanks girl...I'll put a link to all the Youtube girls we follow...tomorrow.

  3. Gorgeous and her hair looks so healthy and pretty.

    1. I know...hard to believe she was completely bald just 2 years ago...God is good.

  4. Her hair looks fabulous and the length is perfection! Mini sounds like a trooper! A beautiful one, at that!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  5. Beautiful! Yes, God is good! All the time!

  6. Wow! who would have known what she went through two years ago. How attached is she to her hair now, considering that she didn't have them just a while back.

    1. Hey there...she is so attached to her hair...she treats it like a friend...It's a special relationship...Before the transplant I could not talk her out of relaxing her hair...Now, she said she would never do that

  7. Replies
    1. Hey Moni,

      How are you? Mini said, thank


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