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Today I've put together a quick tutorial on how I do my twist outs...I don't mess with a lot of products, steps or procedures...So, I thought you ladies would like a easy tutorial on how to curl natural hair...I cut it really short 4 years ago...not to go natural, I wore the Halle, permed look for a while, then I just stopped perming it...It's been free of chemicals for at least 3 years now...

Here's how I do it:

Step One:
Wash and condition your hair as usual

Step Two:
I towel dry my hair a little...I don't want it soaking wet

Step Three:
Detangle your hair with a paddle brush

Step Four:
Section your hair for big twist...I usually do about 10 twist in total...the more twist you do...the smaller your curl...

Step Five:
Place a dime size amount of gel and oil into your palm and smooth into hair, one section at a time...and twist.

This is the only gel I use...no stiffness and no flakes...and only about $3.00 at any hair shop...love this stuff...

Coconut oil gives your hair a nice shine without being greasy...I buy it for around $10.00 at Trader Joe's Supermarket...ideally it's used for cooking...but, it pure no other chemicals or additives like you find in the coconut oil that's sold for hair styling.  Pure coconut oil is also great for moisturizing your skin.  Keep it in the fridge or it will melt...

Step 6:
Roll each twist individually onto a perm rollers...

Step 7:
Get yourself a satin bonnet...I used to laugh at them...not anymore...Do not skip this step.  Your hair will dry out and become frizzy if you tie it up with a cotton scarf...that doesn't happen when you use a satin bonnet...Get one...Just $3.00 at every beauty supply store...

Step 8:
Go to bed...unless your going out...in that case, sit under a dryer until dry...

Step 9:
Remove rollers and twist and style as desired...

You go girl...

I'm loving it!  Let me know how it works for you...Youtube is full of wonderful women giving step by step tutorials on how to get fabulous curls with natural hair...

Here are two of my favorites...


  1. you know i gotta leave a comment right..LOL---your hair is PHENOMENAL!!!!---you NEED to post MORE shots of yourself---you're so beautiful---and stop being so shy---you know you're not ...LOVE YA GURLIPOO!

    1. Hey Essense,

      Where you been...Is school out? I can't believe my hair! It is so cute...I love it...As for posting more shots of myself...I would like to, but I don't have anyone to take the pics for me...Mini is not up for it...and when I do it myself with the tri-pod, it's just too much work to get a clear shot...but, I'll keep trying...

    2. yes, school is out BUT my butt is still there finishing up my inventory--its a mess--and its the principals fault--just keep me in prayer gurl

  2. You look stunning, like a young Marsha Hunt.

    1. Girl...now you know I'm gonna float on your comment all day...lol. Thanks.

  3. I do this style too just smaller twists. The texture you get from rolling it is awesome. Your hair looks great.

  4. This is so hot! (and only a few products...)

    1. Hey Sandra,

      3 steps girly...and that's it! It last about 3 days if you wear the bonnet at night...

  5. So glad for comments! My daughter has the tightest hair I have ever seen, and seeing as her momma is white as can be, I google and google to try and figure out products. Her hair when pulled out straight is almost 6 inches long, but you would never guess with how tight it curls up! I love her little rockin' fro, but it's nice to know how to do other styles on her. Right now we put in a head full of pink and black yarn braids, so adorable I could almost eat her up!

    1. Hey Jess,

      I know what you mean about your daughter's hair...My hair is the same way...stretched wet, it's 6"...dry about 3"...try this on her and let me know what you think...and do check out the other blogs...you will get really great tips...

    2. YOU should join the http://naturalsunshine.ning.com/ group---you will find all kinds of help in there---check it out!!!---look for me while you're in there

    3. I am definitely going to try this and also just checked out natural sunshine. Thanks for the info. I REALLY appreciate it!

    4. Thanks Jess,

      Give it a try...it will make your hair routine with your daughter so much easier...the trick is to make sure the hair is wet...not soaking, but not dry either...Let me know how it goes...and please, don't be shy about asking questions...have a great weekend.


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