I Thrift - New York City

It's spring break here in NYC...

...No school all week...

So Mini and I headed into the Emerald city to do a little shopping...

...and you already know no shopping trip is complete without a trip to the thrift store.

We didn't buy much..a couple pairs of jeans...a pair of brand new JCrew flip flops for Mini and another leather bag...UGH!

I took pics of some of the things I wanted to buy, but have no room for...sigh.

I really, really, really wanted this curio cabinet...It was $349.00 bucks and worth every penny...I imagine it painted a high gloss white or black and filling it with my shoes and handbags in my bedroom...sigh.

The two matching chairs were just $70 for the pair...Can't you just see them re-upholstered in african wax cloth...Anthropologie style.

The brown velvet sofa was huge and just $198.00...sigh.

The smaller beige velvet sofa was just $150.00 and would be perfect in my living room...but, I'm still loving on my white IKEA sofa...we are not breaking up yet.

The burgundy, excuse me, I mean ox blood, mid-century modern? recliner was just $129 bucks...sigh.  again no room.

After thrifting we headed over to Forever 21 in Times Square, every teen girls dream...It's a monster of a store...4 floors of wall to wall girls and loud music...we picked up a couple of things for Mini and a beautiful bracelet for me...will take pics and share with the class later.


  1. Still so very jealouse of the prices and finds in NY.

    1. I know...and this particular store has a 1/2 off all furniture on the last saturday of every month...shhh.
      I'm keeping my eyes open for that gold lamp for you...


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