Interior Design - Happy Valentine's Day to ME

First, let me wish everyone a happy VALENTINE'S DAY!

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays...

It was my dads birthday and my birthday is just 3 days it was always like Christmas in

 our  To me and my dad anyway...

That's my dad (on his wedding day) with my great grandfather...Real SWAG!

Check out what I bought myself for Valentine's Day...

A Fig Leaf Tree...
I've read on all the best blogs that they are really difficult to keep alive...but, I thought I'd give it a try...It's a beautiful least 2 1/2 feet tall already...Let's see if I can keep it alive.

I learned a long time ago not to wait on anyone to make me happy...happiness is inside of me...and really, I'm the only one who really knows what makes me I make myself happy every chance I get.  

...and lucky for you, I share my happiness...I don't keep it to myself.

and this little piece of happiness came was just $16.98 + shipping on the HomeDepot website...I ordered it saturday evening and it was delivered yesterday...quick!
If you decide to order one online...don't get disappointed if it's sold out...
keep checking...they restock daily.

Go ahead, get one...make yourself happy and enjoy your day.


  1. "I make myself happy everyday!" I love that!

  2. Hey Brooke, Happy Valentine's Day...Do something to make yourself happy today...

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!! Love your gift to yourself!! I am like you and make ME happy all the time! I ordered myself a little something, something this year in the form of jewerly!! Online! Came Tuesday! LOVE! I also have ordered from Home Depot. Most recently the MirrEdge I used in my hall bath! I blogged about it on my Blog yesterday!

    And, in case I miss it....Happy Birthday!!!


  4. Hey, I saw your post about the mirror ordered that online? Let me find out. Jewelry is always good. Treat yourself well and the world will follow...enjoy!

  5. Yes, ordered online from Home Depot in fact!


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