Green Juice - I'm still juicing it...

I'm still green juicing it...

at least 3 days a week for breakfast...

You guys should really give it a try...

I can tell you that I have more energy...My thinking is less cloudy...I'm more focused...

So many of us don't eat enough veggies or fruits...

this is a easy way to get in a days worth of both in one meal...

Do it for you.


I keep it simple by purchasing bagged veggies from Trader Joe's...

drop a handful of whatever I have in the fridge into my little magic blender...

add a little ice and Viola.

Do something for yourself....get a blender for less than $25.00 at here


  1. That's good. I just can't get there yet with drinking my veggies. lol I hate thick drinks and pulp so this freaks me out.

    1. too funny...I used to be the same It's not bad...and it's so GOOOOOOD for you.

  2. Great post! I've been juicing fruit lately. I freeze bannanas when they start turning brown. Pop them in the blender (peeled) with strawberries and 1/2 can of diet 7 up and a few ice cubes. Delicious! I've lost 10lbs since Jan 13 on WW! Woo Hoo! But,,many more to go!

  3. Ok, I know its good for me, BUT how does it taste? lol :)

    1. Mrs. taste ok...does not taste like a glass full of greens...add ice and it taste just like a smoothie from Jamba juice...just don't forget the twist of really cuts the green flavor...try it and let me know what you think.

  4. How is this question actually significant? I warned and warned you all a long time ago - Green Juice is back! Could have been a good thread if it had looked at the problem seriously rather than making absurd analogies.More Info


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