Decorating: Re-upholstering, again.

Rememeber when I thrifted this little beauty?

Well, you know how starting one project leads to another?

That is exactly what happened when I finished hacking my Ikea Rast Dressers.

I decided to recover this stool.

Now, if I can just decide which fabric to use...hum?


  1. I think the yellow and green fabrics are really nice! I also think it would be cool covering it with that fluffy white fabric. I think it was a pillow you used to have in a banner photo.
    I love that rug...always will ::sigh::

    1. Hey Armanda,

      I love the yellow too...It's just too pretty to use on the stool...I want to use it on the terrace in the spring...I did a little thrifting yesterday. Can't wait to show you guys what i got...good stuff...


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