Soul Food Documentary...Tonight

I thought you guys might be interested in watching a pretty cool documentary tonight on PBS.  It's all about SOUL FOOD...It's traditions in the African American Community and it's effect on our overall health.

In conjunction with tonights broadcast premiere of Byron Hurt’s acclaimed SOUL FOOD JUNKIES on the PBS series INDEPENDENT LENS, we’re presenting some healthy takes on traditional soul food.  We’ve posted seven recipes below and invite you and your readers to submit more.  Check out:

And you can watch the trailer here:


  1. Oh I hope to catch this. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love the Independent Lens many interesting stories!
    I will definitely try to catch this!

  3. Definitely checking this out. Thank you. My mouth is watering.

  4. Yes! I will be watching! Thank you.

  5. I watched this and was blown away! I know so many things in the film that hit home! Loved this document!


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