Video Tuesday, Lucky Lake

THE STORY OF LUCKY LAKE...Stories like this make me sad.  I'm was not familiar with this story...just heard about it over the internet...and it really spoke to me...not sure why...thought I'd should share it with you guys here today for video tuesday...I'm fascinated by history...especially, African American History...(but, that's a whole 'nother

Promoted as "America's first inter-racial lake colony," Lucky Lake is located two hours from New York City in the foothills of the Catskills. The lake development, also known as Luxton Lake, was a haven in the 1950s for jazz musicians and families from the five boroughs saving for their country house. But when the lake was drained under mysterious circumstances, the community fell apart. Today's decrepit cabins and rotting rowboats are today's only reminders of the lake's rich history. Completed in 2009, this 15 minute documentary film was produced and directed by Tina Spangler, with editing, sound mixing, motion graphics & design by Mark P. Ring and cinematography by Michael Galinsky.

...check out this sweet cottage...just lovely.  I would love to have a home here to check out the local real estate...sigh.


  1. love the place I can see ebony and chloe out there now running back and forth

    1. I could see me running back and

  2. What history and story. I had not heard the history of Lucky Lake. Have you read about the story of Allentown in California: First black owned town and how it came to its demise ?
    Here is a link:

    1. Hey Sandra,

      I never heard of Allentown in California...thanks...


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