's everywhere.

love the outfit...I would love copy the black and green pattern from the skateboard onto a closet door...

...the colors in the room are perfect...I wish I could pull my bedroom color together like this...

...Karen always uses just the right mix of romance and rocker...
check out her new blog .

Yep...color, pattern, texture...good stuff.  

I'm inspired by mom's trying to do it all and still keep it fashionable...
Check out how supermodel-mom, Veronica Web rocks her scarfs and

 ...Romance is always needed in your bedroom decor....sigh.

  Cozbi a beautiful store here in Brooklyn, New York

 ...print and hang in bedroom?
...color inspiration

...idea for my bedroom fireplace mantel...could help keep my clothes off the wall and floors.


  1. i'm inspired by something in each of these images. thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello, Fly Tie...long time...thanks for stopping by and commenting...I hope all is well...

  2. Hi, Love the pictures of the ballerinas. Where did you find the actually print? I would LOVE LOVE to use this to make my daughter's ballerina/pink room a bit edgy and sophisticated. I have been looking for black ballerinas for months--this is a relief to find a composition I love.

    1. hi Tshepo,

      I'm not sure where the photo is from...but, you can email it to and they will print any size you like...hope this helps.

  3. That's awesome. Thanks for the information.


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