...temporary design...

...all the items pictured on my black wall are only temporary...I really, really, really want someone to build out bookshelves on the entire wall...like you see here in my inspiration photos...

L>O>V>E>>>>I have so much stuff...and I love it all, and want to see it all...I really need a wall of build outs like this...perfect...

...I'd love to have it done with reclaimed wood...like this...


  1. Great idea for smaller spaces and to display your books and wares.

    1. Hey Sing,

      I need those shelves ASAP! Right now, all that stuff is in my bedroom...I'm trying to make order of it right now...uGH!

    2. Hey I just came across this. A good alternative if you can't do wall shelves and don't mind a little bit of floor space being taken up. The sofa could still go in front of it.

    3. Oh man, thanks Sing...I think they might work...3 would go across the entire wall for just $210.00 and remember I still have a 70 IKEA gift card from when I purchased my sofa...smile.


    4. Ah cool! Glad to have helped.


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