So, just the other day while at Home Depot...

..minding my business, smelling the flowers in the garden section...nothing serious to buy...just chillin'...when I came across a couple of cans of opps paint.  Just the other day I was talking with Mini about changing the paint color in our entry...I had just watched an episode of My Favorite Place on HGTV of all channels...I think they read my blog post...anyway, they toured the home of R&B singer, Eric Benet... It was just beautiful...I tried to find you guys a couple of images on the net...but, no luck...take my word for it...very tastefully, Zen...any whooo...where was I going with this story?  Okay, he had a beautiful orange wall and I told Mini, "that's the color we need in our entry." ...and low and behold, I walk into HomeDepot the next day and find the exact color in the oops section for $7.00...manifest? before I start painting orange walls...I looked around the net for inspiration...

...and was I pleasantly surprised...

...I have a lot of black in my home...(see the post where I just painted a table black below)

 ...and I was a little nervous about black and orange looking like Halloween...If you know what I mean... halloween here...just beautiful boho style.

 ...I really like the furniture arrangement in this room...I always put my dining table in my entry...I may try and flip it like this when I get my new sofa...hum.

...and remember, I'm looking for a white sofa...

...and did I forget to show you guys these?  Thrifted, $5.00 each...I already had the shades...check out the glass lamps in the inspiration room above...See where I'm going with this don't ya?  I know, I know...I'm going to need a lamp intervention...but, how could I leave them?  They were $5!

...I love the way orange, black and white work together...

...and grey...what about adding a little grey to the room?  Love it.
I'm excited...the orange entry will go up this weekend...stay tuned and have a great weekend guys...thanks for reading.


  1. Can't wait to see it. And your lamps are awesome.

  2. Yes Yes girl the dining set at the window would look beautiful, just imagine a romantic dinner night for two.

  3. cliff hanging for sure...
    water below...
    I can't swim...

  4. Hey I saw that same show (w/ Eric Benet), but the name of it was "Celebrites at Home". I'm addicted to that show! DId you see last weeks show featuring Joely Fisher (Carrie Fisher's sister) home? OMG!!! it was bohemian heaven! Actress Tamala Jones had a wonderful home space wise, but her taste was a bit off for my tastes. But I loved the color on her walls and her fabulous kitchen!

    I also liked Backstreet Boys AJ McClean's home as well! It was tasteful Goth/Moroccan theme. (link: I have that show on my scheduled recorded DVR list! Never miss an episode!

    1. Hey Moni, how are you doing? Back to work? Thanks for the link to the show...I couldn't find it....I saw tamales house too...and I agree with you...needed a little more furniture....and who knew she likes to cook? I didn't see joely fishers home....I'll look for it...ttyl.

    2. Hey!

      Yes I am back to work! For 3 months now! Doing well! : )


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