...not happy

...so, I painted my entry this weekend...

 ...the prep is the worst...holes...taping...I just wanna get right to it...

 ...while prepping the walls...I decided to go all the way and get rid of the feature wall I did last year...

 ...after all that effort...this is what I got...

 ...not so happy.  Kinda looks like I'm living in a bottle of Sunkist soda.
It's bright!  and shinny...I hate, bright and shinny!


I put these earthy pieces in front of this wall to see if it would help tone it down...Ah, no, not really, but I have other ideas...stay tuned.


  1. Oh you poor darling..you must have been at the end of your teather by the time you finished it. Its a beautiful colour...but perhaps a bit too bold for such a small space. Its so hard gettting the right shade with paints..I drives me nuts. Those earthy pieces do look lovely there though. Perhaps wait a while and see if it grows on you. In the meantime...pour yourself a nice stiff drink and a HUGE bar of chocolate and unwind ; ) x

    1. Anna, you read my mind...I had chocolate and tequila last night...UGH! But, I'm back at it today...lol. I don't know defeat.

  2. Dang I know you were not pleased with that. You must love painting cause I'dda cried right then. lol
    Anywho, hope your new idea works out.

    1. Hey Sing, even Mini hates it...and she likes anything bright...lol.

  3. Yeah my apartment had a similar orangey glow for a while because the floor was orangey wood, and the walls were orangey and beige-ish.
    I actually dont dislike this though. I think you can definitely add some large colorful pieces that tone it down. Maybe the white credenza/cabinet would tone it down, you could paint it another color?
    I know you will work it either way!

    1. Armanda, the paint job just looks cheap...lol. I've something up my sleeve though...stay tuned...


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