Video Tuesday - Ikea Inspiration

...I'm in the middle of some serious cabinets were moved into the kitchen yesterday...yeah!  But, home is a wreck...I may need to visit my happy place, IKEA just to get away.

I came across this dudes blog while looking for pantry storage's pretty good...take a look.


  1. Oh I love the Expedit. I actually want to get the smallest size now, thinking for the kitchen area for appliances.

  2. We have to drive almost 2 hours away to get to an IKEA so we only go a couple times a year. We have two of the large Expedit shelving units and they are perfect for records!

  3. Lesley Jean...I don't know what I would do if I had to drive 2 hours to IKEA! I may have to'm just 20 minutes away...and when you go during a week day, it's paradise...all to myself...I really have to need something to visit that place on the weekend...just ruins it for me...


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