I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel...

...almost broke my f-n hand today...UGH!  Shelf full of stuff fell on it...UGH!  It may actually be broken...I have a very high tolerance for pain...I iced it, it still hurts...but, I'm typing this, so it must be okay????  This is really gonna hurt in the morning...

How cool is this for small kitchen storage?  I would so 
do this if I needed the extra storage...It looks like I'll have more storage boxes than I originally thought I need...that's why an organizer worth their fee will tell you to sort first, buy storage later...sigh.

Tons of storage, $70.00 at Target


  1. I was considering getting a smaller lower version of this from Ikea for $39, but I decided I like my storage to look more like furniture and not so kitcheny if that makes sense.
    I hope your hand is ok and not broken, that sucks.

  2. Thank you for reminding me about these shelves! We are currently using a bookshelf in our kitchen that we truly need to use for books elsewhere. I am running up to Target or Lowes in a few! :) I hope your hand isn't broken!

  3. I have the Target shelf in my kitchen, but I got for sale here in Tampa for 39.99. I was thinking of putting it on casters if possible because I saw a similar pic to your top one somewhere. I, too pray your hand isn't broken, be careful superwoman. lol

  4. Thanks guys, the hand is great...I'm still working...glad the shelves inspired you all...I don't want to be the only one organizing.

  5. I've always liked those shelves and seeing the pretty pics makes me like them more and the price, can't beat that!

  6. Be careful...please
    I want you to enjoy your house and not from a bed...


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