A Thrifting I will go...

Mirror - $6.00 (I was thinking about painting it...but, it looks really good in this pic...I may leave it alone for a while).
The plant is on sale this week at HomeDepot - $7.88...I bought 2.  I'm going back today to get another one for the terrace.

So, here are my recent thrift store purchases.  They are not my size, but I could not leave them...I'm going to send them to a budding fashionista in my life.   I know she'll love them.

 Thrifted - Tie Dye Leggings - $3.00

 Thrifted - High Waisted Army Pants - $1.50

Thrifted - Anne Klein Oxfords $1.50...no lie...
But wait, there's more...click here.



  1. That mirror was $6, wow unbelievable.

  2. $6.00 bucks...everything in the store was 50% off...and they were off load trucks to the warehouse while I was parking...I think I mentioned before that the spring is the best time to thrift...everyone (including me) is cleaning out their homes and donating what they no longer want...I'm thinking about throwing a swap/mother's day brunch...have everyone bring over 3 things they'd like to swap...and everyone goes home with something new...free...gotta do more research on how to do it fairly...cause you know everyone is going to want that one special thing...smile. Have a great weekend ladies...I'm off to my garden today...post on that next week.

  3. wow! what goodwill do you go to? you've found so many great finds!

  4. Hey Monique,

    I don't visit Goodwill...even though they have a warehouse in Long Island City...just across the bridge.

    I visit Unique...in Queens...I believe they have one in Brooklyn...every tuesday is 25% off with their VIP Card...you can get that online.

    I also visit Savers on Long Island...only one in or near the city...well worth the trip...Maybe the LIRR???? They also have a 25% off day, Thursdays...

    The Salvation Army on 48th and 9th??? Wednesdays, everything is 50%...

    Hope that helps...

  5. Great pants and shoes! Love the mirror in its natural state. I often buy pieces and have plans for them until I bring them home... then they start looking even better untouched. Lol.


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