Spring Cleaning/Organization

...I came across this blog over the weekend and now I'm in full spring cleaning/organization mode...I'm seriously going to get rid of everything I'm not using...wink.

...could you live like this???  In my profession, I've seen it almost this bad...some people thrive in this environment...

I thrive in this environment...

Yes, yes, yes...exactly how I want my bedroom to look...sigh.


  1. Oh my, where do I begin. I like the labels on the jars, I need to do this.
    The shelving with the Keep Calm picture on top, I so need this exact size shelving in my kitchen area, love it.
    The bedroom, gorg.

  2. Oh man, I love this blog, thanks for recommending it.

  3. OMGGG. I would love to be so organized. I'm far from being on Hoarders but also not so brilliantly tidy. I love these photos! I feel like I need to go to IKEA and get my life together now. lol

  4. Oh wow, definitely inspiring, I have jars for the kitchen but I like these labels so much better than mine. I can only dream of being this organized. The bedroom is a dream.

  5. Lesley, I feel that way everyday...lol. Ikea is my happy place. I'm moving a pax closet unit from my living room into the kitchen...it's gonna be an awesome pantry...

    Shermi...Sing...the bedroom is a dream, right? Kinda like sleeping in your closet...


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