Sneak Peak Bathroom Reveal...

...Sneak Peak of my new bathroom shelving...Pottery Barn, eat your heart out.
...there was lots of DIYing going on...I painted the boxes...and covered some with wrapping paper and fabric...(more on that later) 

Oh man, my IKEA hanging bars ($1.99) came in so handy...I bought them last year to use in Mini's room...that never I decided to use them in the bathroom with hooks (IKEA .99 cents for 6) we can hang all kinds of stuff from them...I'm always taking off my jewelry in the I have the perfect place to hang them...

So...there you have it...I took the shoots really quick this morning and wanted to show you guys something before I head out...I'll do a better post another day...


  1. Oh my! Totally like the inspiration photos from yesterday. Nice job. I need the full essence of the wall shot next.

  2. Thanks ladies...I'm going to take my time and take really nice pics of the whole bathroom this weekend...stay tuned.

  3. Ok so you have me buying jars to fill bath goods in now. ; )
    Where is the full wall shot, I need more inspiration ; )


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