The High Low Project

...It's kinda weird how much similar products can vary so wildly in price.  This sofa from Pottery Barn looks exactly like the IKEA sofa I bought yesterday...Now, I'm sure they used more expensive components on the Pottery Barn sofa, but...$1,200.00 worth?  I don't think so people.  If I really did some investigating...I would probably find out that they were both made in the same factory in a third world country...

In other news...this set up so reminds me of my wall, credenza behind...I have a round cooper lamp, they have a silver...they have black lampshades...I'm about to have black lamp soon as I put the rest of that $2.00 opps paint to work later today.

It's called the "Charleston" and it's about $1,500.00 bucks


  1. You have me wanting a white sofa. It's like the perfect backround to pop textiles on. Question, is the couch slipcovered and removable?

    1. Hey Sing, is of the things that sold me on it...easy to clean and if it doesn't come clean I'll dye ...and the Ikea sells lots of different slipcovers for this sofa...and they sometimes go on sale...So I could have a different couch whenever I that...

    2. Yes very nice option then. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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