RIP Whitney Houston

another sad, sad example of how this world eats it's talented...

Whitney Houston, thank you for the soundtrack to my life...

Whitney even sang a song that expressed how I felt when I became a mom...

I did not grow up in the church.  I'm not a fan of "organized religion" but, when I heard Whitney sing this song, I got it.

Here are my favorite Whitney Houston Songs...they saved me many a day  ...I have every Whitney Houston CD... except the last one.  Her music has been the background music to my much so, that I never put any of her music on my was too hard to listen to...too many these songs bring me peace.  I pray that she is now allowed to rest in peace.  I pray that her daughter is surrounded by people who will comfort and direct her on the difficult journey ahead.  I pray that her mother and family find comfort in having loved her.

"...and if by chance that special place, that you've been dreaming of, leads you to a lonely place, find your strength in love."
Man, I mean, this song just sums up my philosophy on life.  I was a young woman trying to make it on my own...listening to this song over, and over and over.
"I've never found anyone who fulfilled my needs...a lonely place to be, so I've learned to depend on me..."  Every time I hear this song I tear up...

Oh, man...I wore this cd out!  Many memories...not good one's...but the music made it sad., many, many sad nights at home watching this video and eating ice cream...sigh. many times I wished to hear these words...don't we all wish we had a friendship like this...?

...yeah, I remember love and wearing out this CD...good times.

"What if I never met you?"  "Where would I be right now?"

"It's not right, but it's okay...I'm gonna make it any way."

"Didn't we almost have it all?  When love was all we had worth giving?"  "You know you'll never love that way again..."  smile... words, the song says it all...

...for Mini.

Every time I hear this song I think of all the good times that were had at my afterwork spot with my BFF...Our first stop---mexican food---followed by free pineapple tequila shots---followed by us feeling no pain, walking thru mid-town, laughing loud as we headed to our favorite afterwork spot...where this song would come on and we would lose our minds...and everyone would stare at my friend, the white girl that could, good times...we'd get our party on and still make that last, 11pm express bus home...Happy.  That's what music can do...This one's for you Sheryl...


  1. Thank you for this post...I haven't felt so sad since the passing of Marvin Gaye...

  2. Hey Sandra, I's surreal. What is going on...I feel so bad for her daughter...

    I began this post with one Whitney video...but, as I watched more and more videos on YouTube I realized that this woman actually sang the soundtrack to my life...what other artist can I say that about?

    I think Jennifer Holiday said it best yesterday...that this business only wants you at your best. Who can live under that kind of pressure?

    Sigh. We can only hope that it's not in vain...and other stars coming up take notice.

  3. Hey baby,

    Happy, well put. Those are some of my fondest memories. So glad I was able to share them with you.

    Until we dance again.

    Much Love

  4. Oddly, I still am in a litte bit of denial. I dn't know even know this woman but she really was the voice of my generation.

    Just like Billie Holiday and Janice Joplin was the "voice" of other generations.

    Just breaks me heart.


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