I almost missed monday...

...man, I don't know what came over me today.  I almost missed the entire day...I'm exhausted...and for no good reason...I didn't do anything out of the ordinary this weekend...sigh.  I'm up now and take a look at this gorgeous bathroom...  I emptied my bathroom this weekend...now everything is in the hall and all over the dining room table...could be why I'm tired.  I'm one of those people who is uncomfortable if anything is out of order...sigh.  It's gonna be a while before the bathroom is back together.  You know what I want for Valentine's Day?  I want someone to paint my bathroom...now that's love.
The colors and simplicity are exactly what I'm going for in my bathroom

I picked up this new shower curtain for just $7.00 at TJMaxx on clearance.  Did you know the actress, Valarie Bertanelli has a home decor line?  I didn't either.  The shower curtain is from her line and I like it.


  1. really cute...
    And one day I look forward to your line...It's really hard to find nice ones...I'm sure you have some great manufacturers in NYC

  2. i love those dandelion prints and i accents you have in there - the little table and the TP basket. Very nice! And a great deal on the shower curtain!

  3. Hey Raynata, welcome to the blog...and thanks for commenting.


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