Out with the Old...In with the New...Sink

 ...my old bathroom sink has finally been replaced.

Isn't he handsome?  It's the Ikea Lillangen Sink, $49.99
 He's been in a box for awhile and finally found his way home last weekend.  I'm so happy with it...there is so much more room...this sink has a really small footprint...while giving you a full size basin...those Swede's are really clever like that.  We originally thought it had to sit on a cabinet...but we picked up $2.00 brackets (can't see them here...I'll take a better pic) from Ikea and they work perfectly.  You know this means an entire bathroom make-over is on the way...I'm heading to Home Goods today...


  1. Hello! I just came upon your post randomly b/c we're looking at getting the same sink to replace the pedestal in our extremely small bathroom. Looks great! :) I thought we had to get the bottom cabinet, too, but you say that's not true? Awesome! Would you mind telling me what the bracket you did use is called? Thanks!

  2. I love your new sink! It adds a modern feel to your bathroom, and that sleek faucet tops it all. Your old sink looks cute too. What made you decide to replace your old sink, by the way?

    -Althea Tumlin

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