...My sink is all over the internet...take a look..

This image is from the Ikea 2012 catalogue.  The footprint and color of this room is very similar to my bathroom...except I have a tub...I would love to get rid of the grey tile in my bathroom...but, that's not happening...I gotta make it work...I like the orange and dark wood combo with the grey here...


  1. I like your grey tile and the last pic is a perfect inspiration photo of what you can do.

  2. Lots of possibilities. Here is gray with some bright popping colors on a sneaker:

    I hope that URL works...sort of new at shortening them...

  3. You did a great job, loving your space!

  4. Gray is a neutral color, as it goes with any color of your choice. That bathroom on the last photo looks great. Orange perfectly accentuates the space. That's a very stylish sink, by the way.

    -Esmeralda Hepfer


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