Someone asked me what's my favorite color - Green - it's my favorite color...


  1. Green is my favorite color too. There's nothing like a fresh green...anything!

    Love the kitchen...the white tile and book shelf are doing it for me, great use of space in height.

  2. Pretty images. Those rings are giving me fever.

  3. Were you gaga over Viola Davis' dress? a beautiful green...she was workin it.

  4. Oh man, Viola's dress, her hair...just made me and Mini so proud. She was flawless. Funny how I don't have any green in my apartment...except plants...gotta do something about that...

    Sing...the rings...gorg.

  5. Yes, sure do LOVE green. Looking at green just invigorates me.

    anyhow...especially on paper

  6. Hey LouisChick...I see green is really popular...thanks for commenting.


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