What a difference a year makes...

Today is the one year anniversary of Mini's Bone Marrow Transplant...and she feels fabulous.
I won't get all emotional...Whatever you are going through, be encouraged...

...and in typical Mini style...she was chillin' on the phone when the bone marrow arrived...smile.

I didn't want to get emotional and then I saw this...fast forward to 4:50...man.  This video spoke to me today.  I am GREAT.  Mini is GREAT.  We have wrestled with an alligator and won. We never quit.  Our dreams are too big...yours are too.


  1. Ali. One of my cultural heroes. The man was the truth and spoke the truth as well.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I DID get emotional!! I shared your story with everyone I knew last year!!! Congrats to you an Mini!! What a difference a year does make!


  3. Thanks guys...Ali is amazing...whenever I watch old clips of him...man, he takes my breath away...there is no one like him now,,,,sad.


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