I heart thrifting...the thrill of the hunt

So, the other day I told you I got my best thrift find ever.  Well, maybe not ever...but pretty close.  I found these Hunter - Sovereign boots.  SCORE!  I was trying on a pair of clogs, talking with an old guy about the safety of wearing clogs on a cruise when I spotted these babies under a table.  Needless to say the conversation was over...I picked them up, they are heavy as hell, turned them over to check the price, $15.00...YEP!  But, wait there's more...all the shoes in the store are 40% off! (Housing Works Thrift Store, 17th Street btwn. 7th & 8th ave., if your in manhattan) I got them for $9.00....and my size...WHAT!?  I have coveted a pair of authentic Hunter boots for sometime now...but, I knew I would never spend that kind of money on rubber boots...It was like the universe wanted me to have them...maybe it's because I signed up for my neighborhood garden club during the Christmas break and the universe thought I could use rubber boots in the garden????  Hum?  ...and not just any rubber boots, the best rubber boots money can buy...don't believe me, check them out here.  I say all of this to encourage you.  Do what you love and the rest will fall into place.  I promise.  Okay, enough preaching, I gotta get to work on that office.


  1. Those are quite the score! That's how I felt when I thrifted my Louis Vuitton Sac Plait for 50 bucks! No lie.

    The handles were busted on them so I took them to the LV store (kinda nervous they were gonna laugh at me) but they Replaced the handles for 200 bucks!

    Ummm...While I dropped off the bag, I asked to see the new version because my bag was vintage...well it is $1100!!! Needless to say that was a score! ANd ma'am, please don't just banish those boots to gardening...rock them w jeans or a floral skirt!

  2. "SHUT THE FREAKN' FRONT DOOR"!!!---you are so lucky to get those---when ya tired of them, send them this way--which i doubt you will---how are things your way?--i'm going to make a bucket list and you, my dear, are on it!---give ms. mini a hug for me!---love ya much!!!

  3. Great score! And the inspiration photos are great for them.

  4. and you are just at the *beginning* of 2012...
    Thanks for the education on the boots...

  5. Thanks guys...and Essense, they are yours when I tire of them...and when you make it to NYC we will paint the town...

    GFS...You found LV in the thrift store? Sigh. I love it.
    I need to hit the thrift stores in the Hamptons this summer...Oh, I gotta google that.

  6. Shut the front door! (to quote my beloved Stacey) Those TOTALLY rock and for $15 flipppin' dollars?! Way to kick off 2012 woman!

  7. awesome! i love when things work out like that.

    lol @ the conversation with the guy being over once you spotted them.


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