My week in Photos...Happy New Year!

 ...the IPad is great in the kitchen
 ...minimal Christmas decor
...I gave Mini her first hair weave

 ...fam, food and fun on Christmas

...the clean-up after the clean up

 New Years Eve in the NYC

 ...headed off to the post office...I got quite a few end of the year sales in my Etsy Shop...Thanks.

 ...Times Square before the party.  I've lived in NYC all my life and have never been in Times Square during the ball drop.  Sad.  I've been before and after...never during.

 ...I love how the police van says, "join us"...Ahhh, no thanks.

 ...again, Times Square, the calm before the storm... looks really glamourous on t.v....not so much in person.
 ...there was a rare sun shower on New Years Eve.

 It was over 50 degrees...

...too cute.  Everyone was having a good time in Bryant Park at the ice rink.

 ...lounge at the ice rink

 I was admiring this vendors coats...So beautiful! ...and expensive...$400.  I found something very similar while thrifting later that day...YEAH!  Will photo and show later...
 ...The Christmas Shops in Bryant Park

 I headed downtown to one of my favorite parts of the city, Union Square...I stopped by my favorite thrift store, Housing Works and feel in love!  The cabinets were just $250 bucks...but, how would I get them home?  UGH~

 ...just a peek at all the things I would have taken home if money, transportation and space were not a concern....the paintings were just $15.00 each...I did buy a few things...I got one of my biggest thrift find ever...will post later this week.

 ...after thrifting, I headed over to my favorite spot in the entire city...ABC Carpet and home...and I was not disappointed...I was a little I couldn't do every floor...but, the floors I did visit served up lots of inspiration. know I loved the bedding...It is very expensive...around $200 bucks for a pillow!  I suspect this is where Beyonce might shop for her home, if she shopped for her home...know what I mean?

...more NYC Street scenes

 ...our chalkboard wall is full of warm wishes to remind Mini and I of all our family and friends who came through on Christmas...We love you all and thanks for making our holiday special.


  1. okay, save these photos--i'm going to have another photo challenge on my blog soon---stay tuned!

    i have to redo it

  2. Really nice. I like your new chairs and dining set up. I also like the chalk walls, the door display and...and...and....

  3. Serious coolness!!

  4. Happy New Year wishing you another year of adventure and smiles!

  5. 1. Lovely photos!
    2. I, too, ADORE Bryant Park.
    3. Girl, you know Beyonce don't shop at ABC Carpet and Home. Haven't you ever seen any of those interviews where she talks about what a cheapskate/"frugal" person she is? LOL.
    4. that Elmo and Cookie Monster out in Times Square scalping tix on New Year's Eve? Shame on them.

  6. Hey there, looks like a nice time.

  7. your Holiday looks like so much fun!! I love your chalk board wall! We are planning on doing a chalkboard door in our kitchen, your getting me more excited to just do it!!

  8. Thanks for all the comments...I hope you guys had a good holiday too...I'm wishing you all tons of inspiration and motivation in 2012...Let's do it.


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