A Sneak Peak...

Remember when I found these...?

 I'm loving my new found dining chairs...I took them in off the terrace this weekend...I was afraid that leaving them in the elements may ruin them...The seats that came with the chairs were disgusting...really...they went right in the trash...now I have to recreate the seats.  I'm temporarily using the cushions from my old chairs...I'm still looking for the perfect fabric...
 ...still can't believe I got the chairs for free...smile.
...this is what I used to clean up the finish on the chairs.  If you have dull wood furniture with cup rings and small scratches...get yourself some of this stuff.  It was just $8.00 at Home Depot and it worked wonders on my chairs...Now, I may not paint them after all...They look really good now.


  1. this is right up my alley, i love finding old chairs and giving them new life. i haven't tackled one in a while but this post gives me inspiration. as far as the seats/covers, i can't wait to see what you pick. wouldn't an unexpected color or pattern be fun?!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. thanks guys...i want something really cool on the seats...so, I'm going to wait for it...

  4. Love them. Another thing to add to my list.

  5. Thanks for the tip about water rings (although I found out mayonaise works as well). I always wanted to know what works for small scratches. Will be going to Home Depot!

  6. Definitely adding the finish to my shopping list. Need to redo the livingroom stand. Can't wait to see what you do with the chairs. What a find!!


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