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I blog everyday about my life and passion...You never know who's really reading your blog...or if you should even share your life with the world...and why?  I mean sure, I know that around 325 people follow the blog and a few of you even leave comments (smile)...but, you never really know if sharing your life is touching people.  I mean, I hope that I touch people...I hope that my voice is authentic...I write the blog to inspire people to live a designed life...I hope that by showing how I live with my passion...It will encourage you to live your life with passion...whatever that passion may be.  I say all of that to say how inspired I was when I received the following email from a reader of my blog.  It's words like this that encourage me and put wind in my wings...
Photo taken by Mini
A letter from a reader of Soul Pretty:
First I want to thank you for Soul Pretty! It has been the first and only blog that I've truly connected with; it's just spirit soothing and it incorporates everything that I love. 
I vibe with your blog because you appreciate detail and make me feel validated in my love of all things beautiful (more specifically my thrifting I cannot tell you how often I check up on you and Mini and enjoy reading about your adventures and projects. 


  1. Ahhhh, that is sweet. I know that warmed your heart. Have a good weekend.

  2. Thanks Sing...enjoy your weekend.

  3. I also want to add my thanks, you have been inspiring and encouraging me for over a year now. Thank you for your opening your soul to us!

  4. I also agree. I get tons of inspiration from Soul Pretty.

  5. Since we are all commenting lol! I have followed your blog for years, and never have I commented. But today since reading this and knowing that you appreciate it I want to make ur Soul Feel Pretty as well. Your blog is a blog that I check every single day, like the original comment I connected with your blog from first view and your spirit soars throughout this blog and I feel a warmth from your blog. Keeping doing what you do and know that you have a follower for life!! My god keep blessing you and your family.

  6. are too Thanks for commenting for the first time...yeah. Thanks to everyone for reading and I'll keep blogging...

  7. beautiful! you and your blog inspire, move, and touch me immensely. i've been out of the blog loop lately, but i always come back to soul pretty despite how long it's been! you and your daughter are a great inspiration.

    thank you! :-D


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