Pillow Love...

 I purchased this pillow case from the thrift store...I just loved the pattern, colors and texture of the fabric...It reminds me of all the pillows I see in Anthropologie...and it was just $1.99...So I took it home, washed it, cut it open and made two pillows out of one pillow case.  They turned out nice...So the next time your in Target or wherever and you see a pillow case that you just love...think of turning it into an accent pillow in your home.  I photographed my new accent pillows all around the house, putting them in different chairs to see where I'll keep them...you know, the way most of you do with your new shoes...trying them on with different outfits...same idea.

Just look how much fabric you can get out of one pillow case...


  1. Great idea. I see pillow cases on sale all the time...I've got to stop thinking inside the box.

  2. I LOVE pillows and making them, I will so do this next time I come across one that needs to be turned into a pillow.

    They look so expensive, I LOVE them!! :)

  3. I know...good idea right...you can make two pillows out of one case...

  4. LUV!

    I have three pillows on my sofa that I am trying to cover.

    Sad part is, I went to Hobby Lobby and found NO fabric I liked.

    I have a sewing machine and have NOT sewn in a trillion years.

    Any suggestions? (pillowcase ideas sounds grand)


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