The newest addition to my family...

Smile.  I can't even tell you how excited I am about this find.  It's a commercial, Delonghi, 4 slice,  stainless steel toaster. I found it yesterday at my favorite thrift store.  Oh man, I went at lunch time and there was this annoying women talking loudly on her cell phone...about how all she see's in this store is old  Excuse me, Target is up the street...if you hang up the phone and pay attention you would have noticed your in the wrong store...UGH!  Cell phones...don't even get me everyone in the world wants to know what you had for lunch today...Really?  Shut UP people.  Or start a blog and do it

Okay, now...back to our regulary scheduled post...I was talking about this beauty.

It's in perfect condition.  Just needed a little TLC.  So I just sprayed a little oven cleaner on it...let it sit...and wiped it off...viola...bling, bling.

That oven cleaner tip is something I watched my mom do when I was a kid.  We never owned new appliances.  Only used...and she would bring them home and make them look brand new with a little oven cleaner and elbow grease.  It even works on those pots with stubborn burnt on food.  Give it a try.

Buddha loves it.

Sorry...I just couldn't stop taking pics of it...It's so pretty, I mean, soul pretty.  Mini had toast and tea for breakfast. I heart thrifting!


  1. Wow it looks brand new. Great find.

  2. It's purty...I like your Kitchen. The Be calm and carry on with the buddha is to cute. Nice find. Another thing to add to my refurbish list

    Black spray paint
    White spray paint
    Oven Cleaner

  3. I'm toasting everything...I'm loving this machine.

  4. I just can't stand a loud chatting chic! UUhhhgg don't talk about it, blog about it! HAHA...

    That is nice...


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