My Passion in Full Bloom...

I've been working really hard on my site...adding new things, moving things around.  I can't wait for you guys to check it out.

Find the furniture on my Etsy Shop - SOULPRETTYETSY
Find the clothing/accessories in my Online Shop - SHOPSOULPRETTY

sidebar...the new photo for my site is an old family pic from the 1950's...I heart it...we were so cool.


  1. Great start chica. Have a good weekend.

  2. I can see you are working.
    I had one issue(maybe its just me)When I clicked your link in the post for SHOPSOULPRETTY it took me to your 50s picture and an orange tab in the upper right hand corner says to click the tabs. Well I didn't know what you meant by tabs and so I clicked on the picture and then got stuck and couldn't get back to the menu. I think if in the orange tab something like go to the menu items above that would be easier to follow. But it could just be me.
    Otherwise I like what I'm seeing. If you want to delete this comment that is fine with me.

  3. I love the picture. I like the mood. The 50s were a significant time for me. I remember people went to "lounges" to party. In some neighborhoods they were called "beer gardens".

  4. Thanks Sandra...that's what I need's it working...Okay...Hum, gotta work on fixin' that...

    "beer gardens"? never heard that before...I'll ask around...I know my aunt had a club and threw swanky parties...this photo was taken at one of their parties.

  5. Looking good! New follower ;)


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