My Sink...

First, this is not my bathroom.  I wish.  This is just an update on what's going on with the sink I purchased from IKEA months ago...It needs to sit on a cabinet.  My bathroom does not currently have a cabinet...UGH!  So now I'm on the look out for a cabinet...I love this one...the nail studs across the front are cool...


  1. This is going to be beautiful. I know you're going to be creative with it. Looking forward to the reveal.

  2. Here's an idea...

  3. I like how compact it is. Very nioe.

  4. I may get the $39.99 dollar Rast dresser from's pine, unfinished and it's the same size as my sink...I'm looking for something that won't make a big footprint in the tiny room...that's why I'm getting rid of the huge sink that's in there now...


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