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So, yesterday Thursday's Thought got some of you thinking...none more than Sandra...she added a few of her own ways to feel miserable as an artist...they are so good I had to share them with you guys...

Blogger Sandra said...

These are on point. Some of my thoughts on these...
#1 one artist I know says she just designs and doesn't look at others in her niche
#2 keep the family out. Unless they are creative they don't respect your craft until you are filthy rich(smile)
#3 As in life always have an exit strategy
#4 Focus. It's hard because we live in world of infinite possibilities.
#5 Remember you are close to your art but others have distance. If you're around people who notice every chip on your nails, run.
#6 Yes we need money to live. It would be nice to have a flow of money for basic needs which is not connected to your craft.
#7 Conformity. This society thrives on it.
#8 The family members need some "time out".
#9 A hard one. Some artist choose their clients. Have you seen the movie "The Fountainhead?"
#10 Tomorrow never comes. Just stay excited about what you can do today. Don't expect anything. Just be present.
October 20, 2011 9:31 AM


  1. Blushing.
    I love your blog posts and ideas and just couldn't resist posting a response.
    Thank you.
    Now let's get back to you. What were you sayin?


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