Mama's Got a Brand New Bag...

I have had this fabric hanging around for a's an ikat like tapestry fabric and this morning I decided to turn it into a handbag to use tonight.  I actually made, if you'd like to purchase the other...send me an's first come first serve...I have more fabric...but  I have run out of zippers....UGH!

You won't find this at the mall...Get it while it's HOT!  
+ shipping and handling
Size:  16" x 13"

...holds alot and is fully lined...


  1. You sure won't find it at the mall and it is really cute.

  2. i can't believe you just bam - made it...WITH LINING!

  3. can i send in my fabric...good work as always.

  4. Hey Tamara,

    You have fabric? Let's talk...and Shannon, don't even get me started...I'll trade you a bag for your

  5. HEAVEN!!!
    Hmmm what other colors/shades do you have in stock?


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