Look of the Day...Manifest Wednesday

I thought I'd share a post about how my Mini has manifested her dream...she talked about it...every time she saw it on t.v. she mentioned how much she wanted it...she put up images in her room...and now, well read on..

...So, as you know, Mini began High School this month...What you  may not know is Mini has attended small...I mean tiny, schools since repeating second grade..5 to 9 kids in each class.  Her elementary school was located in a brooklyn brownstone...Imagine turning a bedroom into a classroom or a kitchen into a cafeteria...It was and is an amazing school...but Mini always dreamed of going to a "real" school...large hallways, lockers, big windowed classrooms, multi stalled bathrooms where girls tell their secrets...Sigh.  What's a mom to do?  I wanted that for her too.  I looked a different schools, but I keep hearing a voice saying, there's a lot to balance medically, academically, socially she really needed the small setting.  Well, this year Mini got her wish.  The small school she attends got a new building...a traditional school building with all the fixins...a gym, lockers, science lab, big classrooms, art studio and more...and tonight is, Parent Teacher Meet and Greet...and I can't wait to see it...I'll be rocking something like this...yep...even the pumps...if i can find them.


  1. That's wonderful for Mini.
    Look the look, so chic.

  2. I wish I could rock this look everyday while pushing a stroller. Heels included. Le sigh. I'm not that coordinated. This is a nice pulled together look.

  3. Hope Mini and Mom has a good day at school...smile...

  4. Well, I almost rocked the look...smile. I have no idea where those pumps are...lol. But, Mini's new school is amazing...just like we hoped...brand new, state of the art...excited teachers with high expectations for these kids...Mini's joining the fencing team...smile. I'm a happy momma.

  5. Great news about Mini's school...
    And better news when momma is happy with the teachers. Tis going to be a good year

    Funny..."you almost rocked"...I can relate.


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