As Promised...

I am so tired...OMG...Mini and I came home to a mouse problem yesterday...UGH!  I had one of those sticky mouse traps next to the radiator and there was a mouse stuck to it when we got home...sigh.  We called her dad and he came and got it...thank you.  Anywho...I took pics of my serving cart as promised...

Most of the bar accessories are thrifted or I got them from my grandmother...sidebar...I got some amazing old family photos from my cousin yesterday...I'll post a few next week...cause, I'm tired...Mini started getting her hair braided yesterday...Yeah, it's a two day process...I just dropped her off to finish it up...and like I said earlier this week, my house is a mess and I can't take it anymore...So, I'll be cleaning up today...beach, Bar-B-Q and back to school shopping this weekend...Enjoy your labor day and be safe.

The gold kitty cat was white...It belonged to my grandmother...then my mom kept it in her house...and now I have it in mine...but, I gave it a shot of gold...I may spray it white again...who knows...

...the gold decanter with the shot glass holder belonged to my grandmother...So did the crystal decanter...

I got the bust while thrifting...I also picked up the gold bamboo mirrored tray...well, it's actually a mirror that I'm using as a tray...while thrifting...
I picked up this African mobile at the beach craft show weekend before last...I'm going to do a post on it...and the women who make them...but, like I said, I'm tired...I'll get to it next week.  The picture came from HomeGoods...

...I picked up those swizzle sticks while thrifting too...

The ice bucket and martini shaker were thrifted...The shaker has drink recipes printed on

...all the wine was donated by my brother...he's a bank manager and his customers are always giving him gifts of wine...he doesn't drink he gifted it to me when I told him about my latest find...after he teased me by humming the theme song to Sandford and rolling my eyes...that's what baby brothers are for I guess...


  1. I really love the bar and the accessories. Still in awe how some spray paint goes a long way.

    Keeping a home is such a responsibility. I understand how you feel. I get frustrated because when I see something I think doesn't belong in the house I start looking for the "source". I obsess over "where did it come from?" and "how can I prevent it from happening again?".

    The flip side. Keep hope day you'll come home and your "help" will tell you about their day and you'll smile and say: I can't believe I use to deal with this stuff.

    Continue to Dream big. One day your concern will be over managing your money and business growth and not the home(except for

  2. oops...forgot to say. I just love your Africana. Soul pretty.

  3. I love the print of the African woman and the mobile. Serious coolness. I want a tea cart. We don't drink, but I could certainly fill it with books until I have a tea party! Your brother is funny and reminds me of my little brother.

  4. I love all your treasures on the cart! Everything has a story and that makes it special. That wood barrel at the bottom, where is that from, very cool too.
    Enjoy the weekend and get some rest.

  5. You really got lucky thrifting :) I love your home decorating style and how all the pieces are unique but work together harmoniously. I'm hitting the thrift store after my shift today, fingers crossed I find some treasures!

  6. i swear i love ur decor style. i wish i was able to pull it off the way you do

  7. Oh yeah, Sing...that little barrel on the floor is filled with red wine...funny right...I guess it makes it cooler than being in a Someone gave it to my brother...

  8. Very nice to have and practical!


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