Video Tuesday...Am I a Runway Bride?

...So, catching the bouquet at my cousin's wedding got me thinking about a lot of things...and one of them is, I think I'm a runaway bride...I was talking with a friend who reminded me that I have actually been engaged 3 times...Huh?  I thought about it and she's right...and I called it off each time...once just months before the wedding...had the dress, the catering and the rings...and I called it off...lost lot's of money on that decision...and I almost lost someone who became my best friend...good thing he forgave me ...So the chances of actually becoming a bride may be a stretch...I asked Mini how she feels about having a step-father and she said, "it's fine with her as long as he's nice." too.

So in honor of Video Tuesday...I give you the song that I will walk or run to at my wedding...
Ready For Love, by India Arie
It sums up exactly how I feel about love at this point in my life...


  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing that personal tidbit.
    I love this song by the way! I couldn't have written my sentiments any better.

  2. Thanks Sing....I wasn't sure if I should share that story...

  3. Yes...
    It sounds like you are ready...

    Sounds hokey maybe. But have you done a vision board of the love of your life. Do it. Set it aside and release it to the universe, it will manifest just as your other visions have.

  4. DUH!!!! Why didn't I think of that I love blogging... I guess meeting Mr. has never been a least not for the last few years...Consider it done...

  5. I love this song. It's like she was listening to my wishes for my heart to open up and let love in


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