The Kardashian Wasn't The Only Wedding this Weekend...

...followers of my blog know that my family has been through a lot of sadness and hard times for a few years now...we'll, this weekend I feel like that spell has been broken.  At least I hope cousin got married.  I think it's been 10 years or more since our last family it was a big deal...The wedding was beautiful and I wish I had better pics to show you guys but my camera batteries quit on me...UGH! family...l to sister, my niece, my brother and me.

Congratulations to Kevin and Tonya...
 We sat at lucky table number 7... and there must be something to it because....


...guess who caught the bouquet????  ME!  I never, ever get up to catch the bouquet...never.  I promised Mini I would try and catch it this time and I did...Guess I'm


  1. Congrats to your cousin and to you for catching the bouquet. You look so beautiful and I'm so glad your family could all get together for a wonderful celebration.

  2. We will be watching you for sure now...

    Funny you wrote this post. I just watched TD Jakes movie Jumping the Broom and it was fun.

  3. The reception hall looks great. Congrats to your cousin, a beautiful bride.

  4. Thanks guys...Only time will tell if...

  5. Looks like a beautiful wedding. Love the bouquet adn you looked great! Congratulations to your cousin, and to you! When it's really right, I have no doubt you'll be running "to" and not "away".


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